Merry Christmas

My favorite Christmas show, and my favorite Christmas description. After all… Jesus is the whole reason for the celebration of Christmas. It’s not about the presents, the food, the music, or the decorations. It’s about celebrating Jesus’ birth and the sacrifice he and his father, God – made for us, so we could have forgiveness, eternal life, and joy. What a blessing! I know I’m a day late for posting this, but when you think about it – shouldn’t we celebrate our savior every day of the year? Praise the Lord, and Merry Christmas!
C.A. Bennett – Writer

Windborn Church

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You can be anything you want to be! That's what I told my kids when they were kids. They'd come to me and say, "Momma! I want to be a Fireman!" or maybe one would say, "Can I be a police man when I grow up?" and of course, being the mom who believed in... Continue Reading →

My Son Who Has Autism

‚ÄčI have an 18 year old son with autism, who was mostly non-verbal until he was six, had sensory issues out the ying-yang, and could not.... would not.... go anywhere without specific items he "needed." Yesterday, I went to church with this boy, who willingly left his phone and headphones in the car two blocks... Continue Reading →

Past vs. Future

This morning, my youngest son and I went to church for the first time in a very long time. We - my husband, the kid, and I - usually read our bibles on our own at home, and share what we learn with one another, friends and family and vice versa. That's all great, and... Continue Reading →

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