It’s Complicated…

Marriage is a complicated thing, isn't it? You either love the person your with, or you want to set their underwear on fire while they're still wearing them, and these two emotions interchange throughout a single day. Sometimes multiple times a day. There is rarely an in-between. I - having been married going on 29... Continue Reading →

A Woman’s Place

I was having a conversation with my husband, in which he made a joking comment about how I would turn the Christian world upside down with my point of view on a woman's place in the world and in her family. By this, he is referring to my stance on how women are not to... Continue Reading →

Regrets – I’ve Had A Few…

My husband and I were talking this morning about our rapidly advancing ages - I'm 49, he's 57 - how we've traveled this road called "life", and where it's taken us. Both of us are also taking college classes to further our careers or take them in a new direction as the case may be,... Continue Reading →

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