**Name Change Notification!**

Snoopy Typing2I, C.A. Bennett – Writer, do hereby not-so-solemnly notify the public at large of my blog’s semi-sorta-officially-silly name change from “C.A. Bennett – Writer” to “Reflections In Type”. Furthermore, I do hereby warn any and all who care to know, that I will occasionally post photographs of my irregular ramblings as they are typed using any one of my collection of typewriters.

Some of these aforementioned posts may be comical in nature, or they may be funny. They may be of a political nature, or spiritual. Then again, they may be informative or simply musings. The point is…. They’ll probably be typed.  Sometimes. When the mood moves me. Oh, and uh… same copyright mumbo-jumbo applies, so yeah… ask me before you use my stuff, okay? Okay, thanks!

That is all 🙂


C.A. Bennett – Writer

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