Day: March 29, 2017

On The Road

Don’t let anyone fool you, It’s not The Road that’s long.

The Road isn’t there to dissuade you from traveling it.

The Road is there to invite you in,

To lure you to it, because it needs you.


So many are intimidated by the distance they have yet to travel,

What they don’t see…

How could they see if they never look?

Is how far they’ve come.


“We are born, we live, we die.”

Is what the poets say,

But how could there be nothing in between?

Find your Road, and do not try to see how far you have to go,

Rather, enjoy the journey as you travel.


Touch everything

See everything

Smell and Taste everything


And sometimes…. but only sometimes…

Turn and see how far you’ve come.


You are not alone,

You are NOT alone.


You and The Road are traveling together.

Ever since you took your first step,

The Road has been there to guide you,

To teach you,

To bring you where you need to be.

To bring you to other travelers, and them to you.


You are not alone.


On The Road


C.A. Bennett – Writer