This post comes to you from the desire to play with a typewriter I’ve not yet had the opportunity to use because of issues it was having…. please don’t judge to harshly… I’m so tired tonight, I can barely focus…

4 thoughts on “Repairs…

  1. Good job on that A key. As for skipping, it’s usually an escapement issue, but can be exacerbated if you tip the right side of the machine higher than the left, as that speeds up the carriage motion a bit, since in that position it’s moving downhill.

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    1. Ah!! I’m going to have to look into it further! Though it’s not my favorite, I do like this thing and naturally as a collector, I want all my typers to be fully functional if possible. By the way… nice video on the Rev. Munk’s repair bible! I’m going to have to make some purchases from him soon!


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