Testing, 1,2,3… 

2 thoughts on “Testing, 1,2,3… 

  1. It certainly looks good enough to write on. These machines seem to have their own personalities. Often, it’s a battle of wills. Will the machine demand that I fix all those nagging little issues, or will I accept the machine as good enough, as-is? With my recently fixed Smith-Corona Silent-Super, I had accepted its intermittent escapement issues as the way it was going to be, and I’d resigned myself to live with it as a “beater typer,” the kind of machine good enough for private writing, rough-drafts, but not necessarily good enough for typecasts or letters to others. And then the resource of Ted Munk’s Typewriter Repair Bible fell into my hands, and I was able to resolve those issues.

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    1. Thanks Joe! I think you would enjoy playing around with my SCM Smith Corona Classic 12. It had an intermittent skip after a T, and I can’t see anything physically wrong with it. It makes me crazy, but other than that, it’s an awesome typer. Very snappy. I am going to have to invest in some of the Right Reverend’s bibles one day soon!


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