“Try Harder”

4 thoughts on ““Try Harder”

  1. How sad!

    I think that whenever a parent makes it sound as if a child has to achieve a certain level—whether the bar is low or high—in order to earn the parent’s love, then something has gone wrong. Parental love should be unconditional. That doesn’t mean we have to approve of everything our kids do, but they should feel an underlying constant support. I am sorry that your mother hasn’t provided that for you.

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    1. Thanks Richard. You’d think at my age and with my education and training, it wouldn’t bother me anymore, but it does.


  2. Your experience resonates with my own, regarding my step-mother. But the thing is that I’ve learned to treat my own kids and grandkids a bit fairer, as a result. When life gives you lemons, make lemon pie – or dacquiries!

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    1. Amen to that! I’m happy to say I’ve done things much differently with my own children, and as a result, I have a great relationship with each of my boys. I suppose in retrospect, if my bad experience with my own mother helps me be a better mother to my own kids, then it’s all worth it 😊


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