Writing Tools

8 thoughts on “Writing Tools

  1. That ‘s a great find! I use a fountain pen in the morning, a mini cassette quite often when driving and out and about, and my typewriter in the evenings.

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    1. I’m seriously tempted to buy a fountain pen, but to be honest, I probably have enough gadgets as it is right now, haha. Generally speaking, I tend to strictly type. I do occasionally dictate notes into my phone but will keep them on tape instead from now on, providing I remember to take it with me everywhere. I do occasionally write things down in a journal I keep specifically for book notes. It does help to write things out now and again, doesn’t it 😉


  2. If you like tape recorders, perhaps you might enjoy microcassette recorders? You’ll find it will be easier to carry one around as they are considerably smaller than standard cassette tapes. I happen to be particularly fond of the Olympus L200 myself. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Mitchell! I was thinking of trying to find one to carry in a little pouch on my wallet or purse. If I should find one, I’ll have to write about it 😉


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