Gifts of the Spirit

6 thoughts on “Gifts of the Spirit

  1. I feel the same way, too: Pass it along. I have about 80 typewriters and love to gift them to those that have genuine interest (My girlfriend would say, “Just give the damned things away, for Heavens sake.” LOL). This year, I put a Selectric on the curb and saw neighborhood kids trying to put it in their mom’s car. It happens that one of them aspires to be a writer (he’s so young!) and the other brother wanted one, too. Well, that warmed my heart (and so did the merlot I was drinking), so I gave them three good portables, including an Adler Tippa. Man, seeing their “oh gosh gee” surprise smiles made my day. I also gave the aspiring writer a ream of linen paper. I would happily give more away, since I prefer to pass along instead of selling to strangers. It always comes back.

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