Pre-writing Exercise

P.S. Please forgive the unstructured error-prone nature of this, as structure and accuracy are not the point. The idea is to allow the brain and fingers to get reacquainted with one another before the work day begins. It’s like caffeine for the creative process, and what I write during these exercises is different every day. As it should be 😊

8 thoughts on “Pre-writing Exercise

    1. Thank you! I have a collection of several different typewriters, but the one I wrote this on is a 1960 Olympia SM4 😊


      1. I think this is the complete list, but there have been several others I’ve either gifted to a friend or family member or donated to at-risk teens. I’m doing my best to propagate the Typewriter Revolution, lol.

        1935 Underwood Champion
        1938 Royal KMM extra wide
        1956 Smith Corona 5TE
        1963 Smith Corona Coronet
        1976 Smith Corona Coronet Super 12 gave this one away a couple weeks ago, actually)
        1955 Royal Quiet De Luxe
        1963 Royal Safari I
        1982 Royal Safari (Mesa) (just traded to another collector for a 1960’s rebranded Royal Citadel)
        1964 Olympia SF De Luxe
        1968 Olympia SM9 De Luxe
        1961 Sears President
        1956 Sears Tower Tabulator
        1962 IBM Selectric I
        1960 Olympia SM4
        1959 Smith Corona Skyriter – (tan keys, English made)
        Olympia E-R12
        1953 Smith Corona Skyriter -(green keys, USA made)
        1965 Brother Webster XL-500
        1972 Hermes 3000


    1. Thank you Bill! I’m pleased to say I have a deal in the works for a beautiful Burgundy SM3 coming in late November. I’m so excited 😊


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