Wonderful Things



6 thoughts on “Wonderful Things

  1. Ha! I see you found all the fonts. I forgot that it had memory and a spell-check. hopefully the spellcheck beep stayed turned off with the batteries out. Took me hours to figure out how to turn it off. 😀

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  2. Congratulations on the wedge. You gotta give praise to the Reverend. That is the kind of fellow he is. Willing to help where needed. Great fellow isn’t he?
    Those are really neat for what they are. Quite flexible and useful. I had one just like that at one time. I forget who in the Typosphere became the recipient of it.
    You could have typed in the clothes closet after everyone else went to sleep like another typospheric author did. Happy typing!

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    1. Indeed he is, Bill! Great guy! Interestingly enough, this is… probably the 5th wedge I’ve owned in my lifetime and it is definitely the most favorite! 😊


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