3 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. You are better off than many of us Crystal. Great reflections on thankfulness.
    I just sold my over 20 year old Blazer when we moved to MI. Now I drive a 23 year old Kia. I no longer have a smart phone as I reverted back to my dumb old reliable and easy to use flip phone. To walk with a cane would be a grand blessing to Mrs. M who can no longer walk, yet she never complains.

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    1. Thank you Bill, and I agree! In fact my 19 year old was just saying yesterday how we need a bigger house because this one is so cramped, and I rash down a list of negative alternatives to our current living situation. In fact that’s the conversation which spurred my thought process. My life to you and the Missus, and Happy Hollidays 🎄


      1. One day I hope he looks back with fond memories of that small house as I do mine. I still miss my 800 square foot house in the country.

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