Month: December 2017


Abuse – Why You Don’t Have To Live With It No Matter Which Side You’re On

The link above is a rewrite of an article I wrote a while ago, and posted here. I felt there were some important points to look at, and wanted to add some information which I hope will be helpful to those who need it.

Blessings – Crystal

A Little Something New

So I’m trying out a new blog engine just to see what sort of traffic I can get, and whether or not it will be financially advantageous. The articles will vary in nature depending on what happens to ramble through my mind at any given point, so the content you see one day may not be the same the next. In other words, don’t be afraid to click and read if there’s something Christian based one day, because the next, it could be entirely different and you may get a kick out of it. Some articles will be typewritten and uploaded as an image, some just typed from my computer. So without further delay…

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