A Little Something New

So I’m trying out a new blog engine just to see what sort of traffic I can get, and whether or not it will be financially advantageous. The articles will vary in nature depending on what happens to ramble through my mind at any given point, so the content you see one day may not be the same the next. In other words, don’t be afraid to click and read if there’s something Christian based one day, because the next, it could be entirely different and you may get a kick out of it. Some articles will be typewritten and uploaded as an image, some just typed from my computer. So without further delay…

C.A. Bennett HubPage

2 thoughts on “A Little Something New

  1. I look forward to reading.

    Typecasts generally do not generate the traffic that PC generated posts do because search engines see the typecast as an image. On a PC generated post search engines can scan for given words to drive traffic. I guess a good balance between typecasts and text from the PC (similar to what Robert Messenger does with posting typecasts and also many others).

    I’m also debating adding a blog to my blogs that I have. Then I could rename my typewriter one to be more subject-broad. I’m not all that concerned with traffic. I tried that approach with my ham radio blog and still did not see much change. Maybe if I would have included advertisements I could have made a tiny bit of money. Hit the right combination of subject matter and followers and maybe then money will follow. If that is what is desired.

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    1. Thanks Bill! My main goal is, of course more readers and helping hopefully helping then or entertaining them in some way. That said… a few extra coins in the purse wouldn’t hurt either, lol.


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