The Monster We Feed

This is a Narrative Poem I wrote yesterday and posted to my HubPages blog. Click on the pic to hop on over and give it a read. Comment to let me know what you think or how you feel. Most of all… be safe, Happy New Year, and God bless!monster

3 thoughts on “The Monster We Feed

  1. REminds me of Steppenwolf’s Monster. We now have cameras every place watching each of us. Mr. Orwell was correct way before his time. We buy a PC and the moment we sign onto the internet there is a digital fingerprint, footprint, and soulprint of us available every place in the world whether we like it or not. I prefer a typewriter, written pages, and radio. Yes, I never social media. My social media is ham radio, real snail mail, and limited on line to blogs and email. My foot print is o-u-t t-h-e-r-e. Oh I home I am not reincarnated and there is some skeleton out there…..

    Happy New Year Crystal!

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