Month: March 2020

What The Hell Are We Doing?!

I was thinking… many people didn’t get their tax refund and had to pay in for the first time in a very long time. Now we have this sudden crisis with its financial impact to tax-paying citizens.

Here comes the government to the rescue, saying, “We’re gonna enact a stimulus package and give every American a check!” The proposed check amount is oddly close to what the taxpayers would have got on their refund, and the government looks like the hero, coming to the rescue. Businesses are closing, and the government is talking about helping them as well, once again, effectively becoming the good guy in the white hat.

Interestingly, a store employee told me yesterday, they were told they’ve been making record breaking sales since this whole thing started. Get that? RECORD BREAKING SALES. This business has been operating for over 30 years, and they’ve never seen sales this high.

These situations could be just coincidental. They could also have easily been orchestrated. Create a situation where the people and businesses become completely dependent upon the government for everything—money, food, medicine… freedom… in a time where so many people are jumping on the socialist bandwagon? Control the population with fear and tell them they can’t leave their homes—even to go to work so they can take care of their own basic needs—until the government gives the green light.

At the moment, the magical date is April 7th, but people haven’t been staying home, have they? No. They’ve been going out, interacting, and spreading the virus, which means the government will extend the timeframe and we will become even more dependent on them for our every need, while martial law becomes enacted to enforce the orders for quarantine. They’re already talking about it.

A quarantine SHOULD have been put in place, IN CHINA, the moment they knew how quickly COVID-19 could spread. But they didn’t. Up till a few days ago, people were flying in and out of China as free as they pleased, carrying the virus from China to every corner of the globe, effectively creating a pandemic.

The first case in China dates back to Nov. 17, 2019, and it spread rapidly from there. Travel to and from China should have been stopped months ago, but it wasn’t, and now we have a global crisis on our hands. One, by the way, which effectively targets the two groups, (sick/disabled & the elderly) of people most dependent upon the world’s government resources for their livelihood—in this country, at the very least. Coincidentally, that source of money—social security—just happens to be the one source of money the government has being dying to get their claws into to be used for their own purposes for years. What better way to free up that money than by killing off the group most dependent upon it?

Meanwhile, it’s an election year in America and let me say again—there’s a whole massive group of The American People—who are just screaming for a socialist government in which EVERYONE would become totally dependent upon the powers that be for EVERYTHING. Is this REALLY what you want, America? Are you really just standing by and watching/letting this happen?

All the wars. All the battles. All the lives lost. All the sacrifices made. All of those freedoms which this nation proclaimed were our right 244 years ago, are about to count for shit, and we’re LETTING IT HAPPEN!