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I have been married for over thirty years and have five gorgeous, intelligent, talented sons. I am retired from a career in the public school system as a Tutoring Program Coordinator, and Behavior Specialist. I am also a two-term AmeriCorps Alumna and worked in cooperation with the Child Abuse Prevention Council.

I am a novelist with one book getting ready to go to print, and another nearly finished, with a dizzying array of additional book ideas swimming around in my fairly disorganized writer’s brain. I have also had several articles published in the newspaper and online magazines.

I write novels in two genres: Crime Fiction, and Young Adult Fantasy. My personal blog is a random mixture of things that make me say, “Hmm 🤔” and usually walks a thin line between social and political satire. I generally say what’s on my mind regardless of what people may think of me, and I am not politically correct. I am, however, politically independent and cannot stand that we live in a time where people take memes as fact instead of researching for themselves what is and is not true.

My hobbies include knitting, crochet, sewing, weaving, spinning yarn from natural fibers, a little wood turning, and building things as I discover I have need of them.

Thank you for visiting my site and many blessings!

C.A. Bennett

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