Author: C.A. Bennett

I have been married for over thirty years and have five gorgeous, intelligent, talented sons. I am retired from a career in the public school system as a Tutoring Program Coordinator, and Behavior Specialist. I am also a two-term AmeriCorps Alumna and worked in cooperation with the Child Abuse Prevention Council. I am a novelist with one book getting ready to go to print, and another nearly finished, with a dizzying array of additional book ideas swimming around in my fairly disorganized writer’s brain. I have also had several articles published in the newspaper and online magazines. I write novels in two genres: Crime Fiction, and Young Adult Fantasy. My personal blog is a random mixture of things that make me say, “Hmm 🤔” and usually walks a thin line between social and political satire. I generally say what’s on my mind regardless of what people may think of me, and I am not politically correct. I am, however, politically independent and cannot stand that we live in a time where people take memes as fact instead of researching for themselves what is and is not true. My hobbies include knitting, crochet, sewing, weaving, spinning yarn from natural fibers, a little wood turning, and building things as I discover I have need of them. Thank you for visiting my site and many blessings! C.A. Bennett

The Still, Small Voice

What do you do when things aren’t going right? Do you sit and sulk, or do you get up and take action? Do you listen to what the Lord has to say, or do you try to handle things your own way and hope for the best? *A revision of an article I wrote a while back.*

still small voice

Fun With Menopause

I wrote this several months ago and wanted to share with the women of the world, what my experience has been like. You are not alone! To the men of the world… I apologize if this scares the daylights out of you, but I honestly hope you get a good laugh from it. Quietly… away from your wives… like… in a closet somewhere safe… with the door locked and the lights off… 

We’ve all heard of the “Big M” but what is it really like? Let’s take a journey, shall we?


The Monster We Feed

This is a Narrative Poem I wrote yesterday and posted to my HubPages blog. Click on the pic to hop on over and give it a read. Comment to let me know what you think or how you feel. Most of all… be safe, Happy New Year, and God bless!monster