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Read Any Good Books Lately?


Well, it’s true that this one is my proof copy, and you can’t have it because it’s all mine! That’s okay! You can get your very own copy online at Barnes & Noble, and on Amazon! I’m told I’m a pretty good writer and that this is a good book, but you should totally find out for yourself! Btw, after you read it, leave a review! I mean—what fun would it be to keep it all bottled up to yourself?! Come on… you know you want to 😉

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Pre-writing Exercise

P.S. Please forgive the unstructured error-prone nature of this, as structure and accuracy are not the point. The idea is to allow the brain and fingers to get reacquainted with one another before the work day begins. It’s like caffeine for the creative process, and what I write during these exercises is different every day. As it should be 😊

Typewriters Are NOT Dead!

I was involved in a conversation in which a person referred to typewriter users as “Hipsters” and in his infinite wisdom, determined typewriters to be  dead and obsolete objects, and that we “Hipsters should just get over it.” 

I replied…

“I’ve been using typewriters since I was about 10 years old. At that time they were commonplace in the home and every office. In fact, offices around the world STILL use word processing typewriters everyday, whether or not you are aware of it, so this is hardly some sort of fad for me.

Also,  they are still being manufactured. Therefore, you are using the term,  “Hipster” incorrectly for the majority of the people you’re talking about. The definition of “Hipster” is as follows, so me and a whole bunch of others who use them do not fall under your imposed label. Education is a wonderful thing. You should try it.”

noun – informal
“a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream.”

Please feel free to use this at will 😊

Long live the typewriter!