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Techie Me

My latest article, outlining some of my favorite tools. *click the pic for more*




This post comes to you from the desire to play with a typewriter I’ve not yet had the opportunity to use because of issues it was having…. please don’t judge to harshly… I’m so tired tonight, I can barely focus…

A New Toy!

A friend of my husband’s came over this afternoon, and gifted me with this 1963 Royal Safari. It smelled awful and was so filthy and gunked up, several of the keys absolutely would not budge! About 90 minutes later…. it still smells kinda funky, but better, and it’s very functional. Just needs a little air, new ribbon and replacement plastic paper guide on the right hand side. Apparently it broke off some years ago, from the looks of it. What a nice surprise! I love new toys! 🙂